Online Booking

Indane Gas Online Booking

Indane GasThe procedure for making indane gas online booking is as follows:

log on to the official website of Indane and then click on to the online booking link.
After logging in, provide the consumer id number which is offered at the time of taking up the connection.
detail_stepAlso mention your name, address and contact number and e-mail id.
After the completion all the above mentioned steps then make the payment.
The payment can be done online by using their credit card or it can also be done by paying cash after the delivery of the gas cylinder.
Within few days a fully refilled Indane gas cylinder is delivered to the customer’s residence by the delivery man.

Booking ImageOther ways of doing Indane Gas Online Booking

Apart from online booking, Indane also offers few other ways of booking a gas cylinder too.

It can be done from phone and can also be done by sending an SMS.
Indane has made the booking very simple for its customers and it can be done anytime since it is a 24 hr service.
The consumer ID number is the one that is given to a customer at the time of gas connection. So this is the number that must be retained by the customer to get the refilling service.

Once the online booking procedure is completed you will get response from Indane Gas executives to complete the further steps.

Documents for new Indane Gas Connection

To apply for new Indane gas connection, you need following documents

  • A photocopy of your electricity bill, a copy of your telephone bill.
  • A copy of your passport as an identity proof.
  • A copy of your resident address or the flat possession letter’s copy.
  • A copy of your PAN card and a copy of your ration card.

Steps to be followed after document submission

indnae gas imageYou need to submit all the above documents at the nearest Indane gas branch. After the successful booking of Indane gas connection.
You have to collect and maintain some of the documents like subscription voucer and domestic gas consumer card. This card would be used to track all your gas supplies.

Security Deposit for New Booking of Indane Gas Connection

The Indane gas new connection for cylinder of 14.2kg has to pay security deposit around 1250 for non north eastern states citizens.
It is rs.900 for seven north eastern states citizens. The security deposit for cylinder of 5 kg is rs.350, and for the cylinder of 19 kg is rs.1500.

Cost of an Indane Gas Cylinder

A single cylinder costs around rs.500 which weighs 14.2kg.
The cost of the gas cylinder from rural to urban areas.

LPG-SafetyA gas cylinder delivery normally takes around 20 to 30 working days. It is always advisable to make the order before a month of the completion of the existing gas.

You can refill the gas by sending a SMS to the authorized number in a valid format. Visit Indane Gas connection for more information on refilling and to find nearest distributor.

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